Monday, September 20, 2010

Living Proof Live Simulcast--what a day!

There were only three of us from Cross Points Church, and we were each rather tired from a wonderful international culinary tour the night before.  But excitement and anticipation really were in the air as we pulled up to Legacy Christian Church in Overland Park and we were met by a greeting committee of helpful women, each in a pink t-shirt touting the day's event.  Water and notebook in hand, we entered the sanctuary where three enormous screens were set up and worship music was already playing.

We began with worship.  The songs were upbeat and familiar, and we quickly realized that we were among women who love Jesus passionately.  On the screens we could see Travis Cottrell's worship band and get a sense of a larger crowd in Chicago.  During the day we learned that the event included over 125,000 women (and a few brave men!) from over 30 different denominations in locations all over the US, Canada, and 5 US Army bases.  Wow!  It was wonderful to worship with so many sisters, but I have to tell you that when Beth Moore began to share, I felt that she was speaking personally to me.  I will share the briefest of outlines from my notes so you can get a sense of what I learned.

She started from Proverbs 31:26--"She opens her mouth with wisdom and the law of kindness is on her tongue."  We talked about why a law of kindness is needed (a. because we live in a "mean world!" and b. because we WILL "open our mouths.")  And then Beth spent the rest of the day sharing her 8 "tastes" of Biblical kindness--so that we will know what it's like on OUR tongues.
1) Kindness is NOT a weakness.
         It is a divine empowerment.
2) Kindness is not an action--it's a disposition. 
         The Gk word actually means grace which pervades an entire nature!
3) Kindness wears down when we do. 
         When we're down, we need to be built up in the Spirit by the body of Christ.  Eph 4: 12, 16, 24.
4) Kindness looks pain in the face
          Job: 6:28
5) Kindness is a Saviour.
          Eph. 2: 4-10
6) Kindness has good memory.
          Psalm 106: 7    Do not forget the goodness of God!
7) Kindness craves an outlet.
          II Sam 9:1
8)  And Kindness leaves a legacy
          Acts 28: 1-2      Tied into the story of Malta today being a country with the highest rate of philanthropic giving in the world!

After a time set apart for ministry, a blessing, and more worship we came home, kind of tired, but oh, so elated about what God had spoken to each of us personally.  I came away realizing that being nice was NOT the same thing as being kind and it's kind of easy for me to mask my heart and fool myself in that way.  Kindness is a heart attitude that manifests itself in words and deeds.  So I'm going to continue talking to God in the days to come about the areas where I've not been so kind.

I have to say that even though it was a busy weekend, I felt touched and blessed by God and He has more than redeemed the time back to me.  I'm not sure how that works, but it does.  I've been energized, rejuvenated, and yes, forgiven and I look forward to this coming week with Him.

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