Sunday, April 8, 2012

8 Choices That Will Change a Woman's Life.

a book by Jill Briscoe...
“You can choose to have a life that is happy, blessed and pleasing to God. These qualities are within your grasp, but you will have choices to make. It’s up to you.”

We will be doing a study of this book in April, May and June. We will be having a large session to introduce the topic, and then meeting in small groups to discuss them. These small groups will meet at another time during the month, to discuss and apply the materials. There will be a small amount of homework involved.

Come and be a part of this life changing study. We need your commitment and if you so decide, it WILL impact your life.

We are asking you to let us know by Apr. 15th if you will be participating. You will be responsible for buying a book. We do have some available at a discount price of $5.00. They are also available online at Amazon. You can sign up at the church or on Facebook. Books will be available for purchase at the sign up table at the church.

Teaching Dates are: April 20th, May18th, June 29th

Topics include:
Speak wisely or foolishly
Value Your Time or Fritter it away
Live for self or the Spirit
Persevere under trial or protest your life

Come Grow With Us!!!!!!!! EAU and BLOOM!

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