Wednesday, February 11, 2015

IF: Next Step

Christine Caine--IF:Gathering 2015

We worshiped.  We confessed sins of commission and sins of omission.  We prayed.  We hugged.  We laughed.  We got up early and lingered late.  We toasted each other and we listened.  We listened to each other, to speakers with international ministries, and to the Holy Spirit.  And now we're wondering--"What's the Next Step?"

Because you see, the point of the IF:Gathering wasn't to see how many women we could gather and it wasn't to break bread together and it wasn't to write down great thoughts from other women.  The point of IF:Gathering was to hear the Spirit speak into our hearts what we needed:  freedom, release, purpose, forgiveness, love.  And the challenge of the IF:Gathering is now to move forward.  To put our toes into the Jordan that God will allow us to cross and move into our promised land.  So what's your next step?

One of our ladies began an online Bible Study--and God is seriously handing out good times of learning from His word!  And another lady is beginning an IF:Table--she's reaching out to women who have never gathered around her table before!  We've got another Bible Study in the works and I am so excited about what women will do at Cross Points Church and beyond...

My head is swimming with ideas--but I was serious.  If you left a stone with your next step written on it--I want to hear about it.  It's going to be in a clay pot in my garden and I want you to come and visit it and tell me how God is giving you courage, boldness, strength, vision, whatever--to move forward. 

If you didn't get a rock--I've got plenty!  :-)  Come visit me and my garden and tell me what the Spirit is whispering to you.  What's your next step?


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